A lot has happened since our last review. Of course we mean the astronomical phenomenon of Supermoon. If you managed to keep your sanity, try learning some more about modern web development. Don’t worry, these articles don’t touch on the javascript dependency managers madness!

An overview of TLS 1.3 and Q&A

How do you feel about TLS 1.3, the latest version? If you feel like you could use some guidance, Filippo Varsolda’s Tech Talk at CloudFlare London will give you a lot. You will find not only a complete talk, but also a summarized transcript if you’re not into learning by listening. Don’t forget to take a look at the Q&A in the comments under the article.

“Instant Loading” with IndexedDB

Ire Aderinokun (Bits of Code) shares his experiences from Udacity’s Senior Web Developer Nanodegree, more specifically presenting one of his assignments: a Progressive Web Application dedicated to his blog. The PWA story is a 3-part blog article series (check out part 1 and part 3, too), but each of them touches a different issue. This one focuses on instant app loading with IndexedDB for offline-first application development.

Faster PostgreSQL Counting

If you think you know everything about counting in PostgreSQL, you better read this. That’s quite a piece about about speeding up the process of counting, with different variations and methods. Take your time, or read bit by bit.

Overcoming Primitive Obsession

And now for something completely different - a 2-minute read on so called Primitive Obsession. Have you noticed a little too many hashes and arrays in your code lately? Well, you know what to do with this precious time. Take a look at this note and don’t wait until the next refactoring.

Declarative Data Fetching with GraphQL

If you’re a little fed up with REST API, here’s an interesting alternative - GraphQL. This article gives you a compelling overview of GraphQL - even if you decide to stick to REST API, it’s good to know what alternatives offer. Are you in?

Tracking SQL queries in Rails

SQL queries in Rails applications may not be your favourite game, but you’ll definitely like what Steven Yue has brought in his article. Check out sql_tracker, a useful gem for better SQL tracking and analysis.

10 Tips for Better Redux Architecture

Here’s a note you definitely should read if you’re familiar with the basics of Redux and you see there’s still some room for improvement. Eric Elliott gives nifty tips on how to improve your Redux architecture. Pretty helpful for those stuck in times when the only choice for React architecture was Flux.

Swift for Ruby Devs: The Basics

A good piece for Rubyists looking for an adventure in the mobile world of Swift. This article describes the differences between control flow structures in Ruby and Swift. You’ll also find tips on methods, structs, and classes in Swift. Remember that Swift is not a language available only for iOS and OSX development, there are actually some powerful server-side Swift frameworks!

A quick guide to JavaScript Promises

If there were times when you shook your head while dealing with Javascript callbacks and promises, Dominik Kundel from Twilio gives you a secret weapon to win over these confusing concepts. Forget the madness of callback spaghetti, take a look at this awesome tutorial.

10 Modern Software Over-Engineering Mistakes

Just like every other professional group, software engineers have their specific mindset and perception of an environment their work in. But it’s important to remember that your own professional mindset may be misleading if you’re abusing certain concepts. In this article, RDX discusses 10 examples of over-engineering that are common in modern software development.

That’s it for the last review, have a nice read! The next one is coming up in 2 weeks. We’ve already gathered some interesting stuff, so make sure you drop by our blog soon!