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A new concurrency model for Ruby 3!

Ruby 3 will have a new concurrency model, inspired (but not identical) by concurrency in Erlang and Go. Here’s a presentation by Koichi Sasada that will tell you all about it. If you’re a little impatient and want to skip the introductions and comparisons of different approaches, the description of Guild begins at slide 42.

Learning How to Learn: The Most Important Developer Skill

Bullshit-free development starts with effective and consistent learning. That’s the most important skill if you want to become a awesome developer (been there, done that). Preethi Kasireddy presents different approaches and techniques to make learning both fun and efficient while avoiding common pitfalls.

Examining The Internals Of The Rails Request/Response Cycle

One of the pieces that don’t seem absolutely necessary until this one situation, when good advice turns out to be priceless. Check out this extensive guide to Rails request-response cycle from rack through routing to controller and, finally, response rendering. I tell you, every Rails developer stumbles upon it, so keep this stuff bookmarked for the right time.

Stop Cross-Site Timing Attacks with SameSite cookies

SameSite cookies, a new security feature in browsers, described and explained by Ilya Grigorik. Includes a nice introduction to timing attacks and how they can be used for malicious activity together with cross-site request cookies

Being Lazy with ActiveRecord

There are certain concepts in functional programming that Rubyists should definitely find useful. Check out the lazy evaluation using Ruby and ActiveRecord enumerators, which helps improve performance and reduce memory utilization.

Using Rails 5 ActionCable and RethinkDB to build a Reactive WebSocket App

This tutorial will blow you away. Very impressive, given how much work it required mere 2-3 years back. Surprise surprise, the title is bullshit-free as well - you’ll find out how to use Websockets through Rails 5 ActionCable to build a spreadsheet application.

How to quickly find buggy commits with Git Bisect

Have you used git-bisect yet? No? You lucky developer, you! Here’s a nice introduction to git-bisect, just in case you’ll have to go through this pain one day.

Automated Ember deployments

Automated deployments may not be the most glamorous topic you can imagine, but this article brings some really cool tips on deploying Ember app to S3. Adolfo Builes from Envoy demonstrates integrations with many third-party services (Github, Travis, Slack, Dockbit).

Learn CSS Flexbox in 3 Minutes

Got 3 spare minutes and you’ve checked your Facebook feed already? Take a peek into this quick introduction to CSS Flexbox, the layout technique that’s powerful but underestimated by developers postponing the learning. No more excuses for procrastination!

What I would like to know before I code my first iOS application in Swift

Hard-earned experiences and observations gathered through development of iOS application in Swift. Confessed by a Ruby developer with 6 years of experience who started his adventure with Swift 6 months ago. Pretty insightful and contains a great set of links and resources for further reading.

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